BubblesBubbles are the songs which have bubbled up since my group MOrganisation began gigging in 2015. It includes the stage favourites ‘Knower’, ‘Mistress Caroline’, ‘Big Brown Sky’ and ‘On a Plane’. The name Bubbles alludes to the ‘songettes’ – short musical interludes which bubble up between the tracks – there are three of them – ‘I’d love to see you’ opens the album, ‘The Rockford bubble’ introduces ‘Mistress Caroline’ and ‘Ceilidh Light’ ends the album after ‘Big Brown Sky.’

Across the Divide is a genre-hopping journey along the footsteps of futures past – and futures yet to be. You never really know where it’s going next but you recognise it when you get there! It bravely melds songwriting styles, mixing conventional recording techniques with innovative creativity and the wry Brummy tongue-in-cheek energy that once propelled the industrial revolution from its earthy and pithy launch pad. But take it seriously if you want to!


Psychedelic Rock from 60’s BrumBeat band The Ugly’s. This retrospective was released in 2004 by Sanctuary Records.


Morgan album
With liner notes by Warren ‘The Bird’ Samet, ‘MORGAN‘ was released in the 70’s on the Ampex label.


The Secret Album has never officially been released! The music of Jim Cleary, myself and Bob Daffurn produced by Richard Tandy circa 1979.



Dave Scott-Morgan

The Grand Oaks – songs from yesteryear. One More Day single, Baby I Need (Magnum); Red Shift, Freedom! and many more.

With Richard Tandy

Symphonic rock with knobs on! Originally recorded in the mid 80’s, this is the re-edited 2nd Edition’ released in 2011 on the Rock Legacy label.


The B.C Collection started life as a one-off for the ELO fan club. Recorded in the late 80’s with Martin Smith.

Wall to Wall

Wall to Wall.
Dedicated to the Wall to Wall goodness of God. Released in 2016.



CALL. includes the stage favourite ‘Psalm 139’ and ‘God’s Good Time’ (produced by Jeff Lynne).





Long Way Home. Released in 1999, includes ‘This is my Prayer’, ‘Day of God’s Favour’ and ‘Big Wheels’.




Angel Light. Includes re-releases of the Christmas songs ‘Bethlehem Town’ and ‘Christmas Bells.’ CD Production by Luis Miguel in Spain.


All Gods Blessings


All God’s Blessings.. Dave’s original inspirational collection on cassette!.